Survivor Recap Episode

Missed an episode of Survivor? Well, it’s reality recap time! There’s also tons of never-before-seen footage. Did you know Jerri sings (or tries to) and Rodger has a secret plan? Back to Article

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What Did You Think of Jerri's Singing?

  • Move over Fiona, here she comes!
  • Colby's snoring sounded better.
  • She was good, but I'd still vote her off.

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Sana11 posted in Movies:
I havent watched eitherof the Annie 's but I;ve heard real good things about the old one so Im gonna presume the old one was better. 
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Pa-mela365 posted in Movies:
Who is better black Annie or white Annie. Vote Now!!!!!!!!!
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gufht posted in Latest Trends:
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lnwpen88 posted in Latest Trends:
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Hhe should choose the RIGHT one :)
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