Hockey Fights!

What's better than watching two guys pounding the snot out of each other while on the ice? Get the 411 on hockey fights right here. Back to Article

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BDAWG990 wrote:
2014-08-21 07:38:31 -0700

best sport ever if both teams fight

Lhoniee wrote:
2011-06-13 06:48:36 -0700

i havee never been to a hockey game or seen a whole game but i have seen previews of tha fights n they luk kinda intense

female22 wrote:
2011-06-12 16:40:53 -0700

yes i remember goin on a feild trip to a hockey game last year it was fun and it was a hell alot of fights and they were funny smile

rere22 wrote:
2011-06-12 16:39:04 -0700

omg yes i love them

hottiesingle10 wrote:
2011-06-12 15:15:47 -0700

i LUV hockey fightssmile

aadoni wrote:
2011-05-03 06:59:28 -0700

Big Grin

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What's More Exciting to Watch?

  • A fight in hockey.
  • A car chase on TV.
  • Your younger brother getting yelled at by your parents.
  • A 50 yard dash for a touchdown in football.

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Seattle Seahawks
reply 3 days
reply 3 days
The broncos and the giants you just got to love the manning brothers. 
reply 3 days