2006 Major League Baseball Season Preview

Check out Kidzworld's 2006 Major League Baseball preview for info on players, rumors, stats, records and more.
Major League Baseball
Picture of Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.
Albert Pujols

A brand new baseball season has arrived. Can the White Sox repeat as World Series Champs? How will Johnny Damon adjust to being a Yankee? Will Barry Bonds pass the Babe? Check out these picks and predictions in Kidzworld's 2006 Major League Baseball season preview.

2006 MLB Preview - American League Picks and Predictions

The race for playoff sports in the American League will be tighter than Jessica Simpson's jeans in 2006. The Toronto Blue Jays made major changes to their roster during the offseason by adding starting pitcher, A.J. Burnett and closer B.J. Ryan (not surprisingly, the Jays love players who use the initial "J" in their first name). Along with the Blue Jays, the Athletics, Angels, Indians, Red Sox, Yankees and White Sox all have a good chance to win 90 games. With only four playoff spots up for grabs, expect the playoff race to come down to the final weekend of the season. You can also expect the rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees to be even nastier in '06 with long time Sox centerfielder, Johnny Damon, leaving Boston to suit up for the Evil Empire. Don't be suprised to see the the odd bench-clearing brawl or beanball during the teams' 19 games with each other.

Kidzworld's 2006 Picks

  • Division Champs: New York Yankees (East), Chicago White Sox (Central), Oakland Athletics (West).
  • Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays
  • American League MVP: Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim Angels
  • 2006 MLB Preview - National League Picks and Predictions

    The only real certainties in the National League are that the St. Louis Cardinals will repeat as division champs and the Chicago Cubs will continue their long, dark history of futility. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a new manager with Grady Little and an upgraded roster, so they should make some noise in the N.L. West, while 2006 could also be the year the New York Mets bring an end to the Atlanta Braves' 14 year streak as champs of the National League East. If you're looking for a sleeper pick to grab a playoff spot, go with the Milwaukee Brewers - a young team that's on the rise, or the Philadelphia Phillies, who have some great bats and decent pitching.

    Kidzworld's 2006 Picks

  • Division Champs: New York Mets (East), St. Louis Cardinals (Central), Los Angeles Dodgers (West).
  • Wild Card: Atlanta Braves
  • National League MVP: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
  • 2006 MLB Season Preview - World Series Pick
    Chicago White Sox over Toronto Blue Jays in 5 games.

    2006 MLB Preview - What's Hot, What's Not
  • Hot - Jimmy Rollins is red hot. The Phillies' shortstop carries a 36-game hitting streak into the 2006 season and has a chance to tie the 56-game streak set by Joe Dimaggio in 1941.
  • Not - Barry Bonds wasn't hot last year and he'll be icy-cold in '06. Despite the fact that Bonds is on the verge of passing Babe Ruth on the all time homeruns list, no one wants anything to do with this guy (with the exception of the US Senate which is investigating him for steroid use). His sponsors are dropping him faster than Paris Hilton dumps boyfriends and if you picked him in your fantasy league, you'd be best to delete him like a piece of annoying email spam.
  • Who do you think's gonna win the 2006 World Series? to Kidzworld.

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