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Fly By Night is taking the book world by storm. Get the 411 on the book's author, who is as quirky as her characters. Back to Article

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Fave Fly By Night Character?

  • Mosca Mye , obviously!
  • Eponymous Clent is the man.
  • I'm all about Saracen.
  • I haven't read Fly By Night yet.

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GaaraOfTheSand posted in General:
I like Gaara # Anime Crush
reply about 2 hours
-Allie- posted in Debating:
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reply about 4 hours
myself ...sometimes, anyway.
reply about 5 hours
Hmm... can they be copied? I copied my best drawing from a comic. Changing and adding to it a little here and there but it still is really similar.
reply about 5 hours
Other than family? Nah I can't say I do.
reply about 5 hours