Pokemon TCG: Basic Card :: Game Review

Can't get enough Pokemon action? They're jumping off of the screen and into your hand with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Check out what it's all about and how to join the Pokemon League. Back to Article

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kaligirl101 wrote:
2010-08-21 02:50:46 -0700

good article

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Pick the Strongest Poke-Critter!

  • Poke-Godzilla - He could flatten whole cities!
  • Poke-'Rents - I could make THEM clean my room.
  • Poke-Voldemort - The Harry Potter bad guy would kick butt.
  • Poke-Gary - The 'lil orange dude rocks.

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MR555 posted in Video Game News :
if anyone has MW3 on PS3 hit me up SABER_SLAYER_101
reply about 4 hours
Fortunately the magical insane murderous cat person had a bloody knife
reply about 15 hours
Unfortunately, an army of ducks marched into the hospital and killed the "magical insane murderous kitty cat person". xD
reply about 23 hours
You failed to mention that this 'friend' on KW was your enemy in real life. I won a bet.
reply 1 day
Because she needs to gain weight and that is the quickest way to do so. Daddy, why is mommy on the news?
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