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Picture of A Pirate's Life electronic Pirate Treasure game.
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Wild Planet A Pirate's Life - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Prepare to set sail and discover new pirate treasures with A Pirate's Life toys and games from Wild Planet. Check out reviews of toys for boys, gadgets, games and more.

Prepare to set sail and discover new pirate treasures with A Pirate's Life toys and games from Wild Planet. This new line of swashbuckling toys helps you create your own pirate adventures while you search for hidden fortune and battle buccaneers. A Pirate's Life toys and games include:

  • Pirate Light Scope - This telescope extends nearly a foot long and has an 8x magnification - ideal for focusing on pirate rivals. This scope collapses easily for hiding in your treasure chest and includes a removable flashlight for nocturnal hunting.
  • Hook Fortune Finder - A hook-shaped metal detector attaches to your arm so you can search for gold, special pirate coins or other metal treasure. The skull eye glows to let you know pirate treasure is near.
  • Electronic Pirate Treasure Search Game - The electronic pirate treasure chest splits into a treasure map and pirate's booty. Hide the bottom of the pirate treasure chest and follow the treasure map to find it. An "X" flashes from blue to orange as you approach the treasure. Use it to hide your treasure or to hide yourself in a game of hide and seek.
  • A Pirate's Life Toys and Games - Thumbs Up

  • Fun toys for creating pirate adventures.
  • Electronic Pirate Treasure Search Game is awesome - great fun for hide and seek or treasure hunts.
  • Telescope has good range - great for spying on enemy pirates, parents or annoying siblings.
  • A Pirate's Life Toys and Games - Thumbs Down

  • Hook metal detector is a bit dodgy - doesn't detect metal all that well.
  • Batteries not included with toys.
  • Toys are totally over packaged - you'll have an easier time finding hidden gold then opening up these toys.
  • A Pirate's Life Toys and Games Rating: 3
    Age: 4 and up.
    Price Range: 2

  • A Pirate's Life toys can be bought separately or together in a Captain's Bundle. To check out more A Pirate's Life toys and games, head to
  • Price Range Legend
    $0-$15 = 1
    $16-$30 = 2
    $31-$45 = 3
    $46-$60 = 4
    $60+ = 5

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    Coolest Thing About Being a Pirate?

    • Finding treasure.
    • Sailing the seas.
    • Having fun with swords.
    • Making my enemies walk the plank.

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