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Simon's Blog - October 17, 2006

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October 17, 2006

So the Detroit Tigers are playing in the World Series! It's unbelievable. How does a team that was so bad, for so long, suddenly become one of the best teams in baseball? It's just like something out of a sports movie where a team of dolt underdogs knocks off a team of superstars and wins it all.

Maybe the Tigers are a team of destiny or maybe they just got sick of losing. Whatever their secret is - it kind of gives me hope. The Tigers upsetting the Yankees and going to the World Series is like a lifetime "C" student, such as myself, coming home one day with a report card filled with As. Or like my loser brother suddenly getting a date with a hot girl from the cheerleading team, when he's used to Friday night makeout sessions with his pillow.

My report card comes out next week and I don't think it's going to be championship level. I've spent more time this term playing Madden NFL 2007 and faking illnesses than memorizing state capitals, so I'm not expecting anything too spectacular. It makes me wish video games and skateboarding were subjects at school - I'd make the honor roll every time. But if the Tigers can reach the World Series, perhaps my report card will end up with straight As. I won't hold my breath.

What about you guys? How are your first term report cards looking? Are you on the honor roll or barely squeaking by? .


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