Wacky Sports Moments of 2006

From headbutts to hotdogs, take a look back and check out some of the wackiest moments that occurred both on and off the field. Back to Article

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Wackiest Sports Story of 2006?

  • The Zidane headbutt.
  • Terrell Owens' attempted - or unattempted - suicide.
  • T-Rac's golf cart mow down.
  • Hot dog-eating world record.

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The bears got rid of Hester, Peppers, Major Wright and a few other orginal players for this season! Do you think this was a good idea?
reply about 10 hours
i think barcelona will win  :D
reply about 11 hours
Monica Rogue
Monica Rogue posted in Dance:
I like Dance more than anything in this world. I'm basically a hip hop dancer but I do freestyle too
reply about 19 hours
who does both or one of them! I do both
reply 1 day
Who loves Cheer and its your life then post how much you love it right here right now
reply 1 day