NCAA March Madness 07 - PS2 Video Game Review

Check out NCAA March Madness 07 for the PS2.
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NCAA March Madness 07 - PS2 Video Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Feb 28, 2007
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

NCAA March Madness 07 is the latest EA game for PS2. We reviewed this college basketball video game that has Adam Morrison on the cover.

If playing Division I basketball is not in your future, then EA's 2007 NCAA March Madness for PS2 might be the next best thing. Everything, from the accurate replicas of the arenas to the Dick Vitale commentary, helps capture the atmosphere surrounding college hoops. Kidzworld heads to campus and takes a look at the ins and outs of 2007 NCAA March Madness.

NCAA March Madness 07 - Just Like the Real Thing

EA has really made an effort to make this game as realistic and authentic as possible. Players have up-to-date uniforms and the arenas look identical to the real ones. That's pretty amazing, considering there are over 300 Division I teams in America! Another cool feature is the fans do school-specific chants - do the words "Cameron Crazies" ring a bell? Basketball fanatics will also love the fact that you can play in pre-season tournaments like the Maui Invitational and NIT.

NCAA March Madness 07 - In Game Features

Is your point guard arguing too much with a fan and it's affecting his game? A player's personality can actually hurt or help his play in NCAA March Madness 07. The go-to-guy feature is also nice, as your best player gets a boost in his play after a big play or scoring run. EA has done a good job putting these real life situations into effect. Now if they could only get Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight to choke one of his players, this game would be complete. Just kidding, Bobby!

NCAA March Madness 07 - Building a Dynasty

NCAA March Madness 07 gives you the opportunity to have complete control over your favorite college basketball program. Just as if you were Coach K, you can recruit McDonalds All Americans and blue chippers. You can even recruit junior college players. Cut, bench or play - the ball is in your court, you're the coach!

NCAA March Madness 07 - Game Play

All the realistic features in this game are exceptional, but playing the game itself is kind of average. The flow of the game is slow, and the time it takes to pass the ball back and forth is not what it would be in real games. Plus, it is way too easy to dunk - and in real college games there are not 360 degree dunks every other play. The graphics of the players are also not impressive. The players are supposed to somewhat resemble current players, but most of the players don't even come close. Although online play is cool because you get a live ESPN ticker plus radio services, the online game tends to be even slower than when you are playing offline.

NCAA March Madness 07 Thumbs Up:

  • Authentic uniforms and arenas.
  • ESPN ticker and radio updates for online play.
  • Cool dynasty mode.
  • NCAA March Madness 07 Thumbs Down:

  • Unrealistic and slow game flow.
  • Questionable player graphics.
  • NCAA March Madness 07: 3

    NCAA March Madness 07 is available for: PS2 and XBox 360.

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