Quiz the Coach - I Can't Stand my Teammate!

I hate one of my teammates on my baseball team! I want to quit, but I like playing baseball. What should I do? Back to Article

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Who Were the Best Teammates?

  • Stockton and Malone.
  • Gretzki and Messier.
  • Jordan and Pippen.
  • Montana and Rice.

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Monica Rogue
I love both
reply about 2 hours
ew. ball games. neither.
reply about 3 hours
I like both
reply about 3 hours
Juanitaness posted in Dance:
Musically or as a person?
reply about 4 hours
Monica Rogue
Monica Rogue posted in Dance:
"Liesl" wrote:ME!! I would have loved to hear more music from him. :( me too :'(
reply about 4 hours