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I Can Play Guitar Review

I Can Play Guitar Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 16, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Ever wanted to play guitar like your favorite rock stars? Heres your chance! I Can Play Guitar is part video game, part guitar lesson, and all fun!

Ever wanted to play guitar like your favorite rock stars? Here's your chance! I Can Play Guitar is part video game, part guitar lesson, and all fun! It teaches you how to play chords and strum by using some of your fave songs as lessons. The guitar comes equipped to teach you songs like My Girl and La Bamba, but you can buy additional software that will teach you songs from American Idol, SpongeBob SquarePants and more! I Can Play Guitar features real strings, fret buttons, a whammy bar and even stickers you can use to customize your instrument. Very rock and roll!

I Can Play Guitar - Thumbs Up

  • Makes learning how to play guitar as easy as playing a video game!
  • Practice your skills with tons of fun games.
  • Customizable guitar and video game character.
  • Plug and play technology (no difficult set-up).

I Can Play Guitar - Thumbs Down

  • Real guitars don't have color-coded "fret keys" so transitioning to one will take a little time.
  • Doesn't teach you some of the main principles behind playing guitar (what each chord is called, for example).

I Can Play Guitar Rating: 4
Age: 6 and up.
Price Range: 5

Price Range Legend
$0-$15 = 1
$16-$30 = 2
$31-$45 = 3
$46-$60 = 4
$60+ = 5

  • Watch Drake Bell play the I Can Play Guitar right here!
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