Dark Cloud :: PS2 Game Review

Talk about a rough week. One day you're a regular kid, the next day the Fairy King is telling you that you're the last chance to save the world. Yikes! Dark Cloud puts you in control of Toan as you run, jump, fight and sneak your way past hordes of bad guys to unlock the magic atla spheres and restore the world.

Dark Cloud Basics

The controls are basic and easy to use. You'll be defeating monsters and rescuing villagers in no time. The camera follows you around as you duke it out with all kinds of bad guys and explore dungeons. Occasionally you'll enter Duel Mode where it's like watching a fight scene, but you can control your character with timed moves.

Dark Cloud Graphics

The Playtation 2 graphics are sweet. Your character looks great and so do your allies. The monsters are totally creepy and the levels look good - even if they do repeat patterns a lot. The levels actually rearrange themselves each time you play so you're always dealing with a different dungeon.

Dark Cloud Cool Features!

When you pass levels you score parts of the towns that were wiped out - stores, walls, houses, etc. Gather enough pieces and you can rebuild entire towns to score bonus items, extra allies and other cool power ups. There are a half-dozen characters who will join you. From Goro - the strong hunter to Chao - the agile cat-girl. They're all different and kinda kooky. Goro even uses a frozen fish as a weapon!

Dark Cloud Downers

The sound effects are the weakest part of the Dark Cloud video game. There aren't any character voices, just text bubbles (except for the odd squeak and grunt.) And the music is kinda lame. Grind Session scored some serious talent for it's tunes, Dark Cloud could've used the help. So toss your fave tunes on the stereo while you're playing to keep from getting bored.

How hard is Dark Cloud?

It takes about a half an hour to learn the controls and the monsters are a decent challenge.

Dark Cloud Age Rating:

Dark Cloud Thumbs Up:

  • Cool characters.
  • You can slap your enemies with a fish!
  • Lots of power-ups.

  • Dark Cloud Thumbs Down:

  • Repetitive graphics.
  • Stale tunes.,/li>

  • Systems: Playstation 2

    Dark Cloud Rating:

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