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The New PS2

The New PS2 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

The new PS2! What does it do? Heres the scoop.

Ok, you've got your shiny new PS2, you've plugged it into your TV and now you're ready to fire up a game. How's the game gonna look? What games can you get? What else can you do? Here's the 411 for you:

The Playstation 2 itself is pretty much a mini-computer designed to play games. It's a 128-bit system with a 300Mhz CPU for a heart. It's packing 38MB of RAM between the brain, graphics and sound. It cranks out polygons(the 3D graphics) at 66Million per second. What this all means is speed and lots of it.

The closest competitor is the Dreamcast weighing in at 200Mhz, 26MB RAM and 3 million polygons per second. Not quite the same level of power... Not even a PC can match the graphics of a PS2.

The systems both pack internet access, the Dreamcast has a built in modem while the PS2 is gonna get highspeed internet sometime down the road. The PS2 also has USB, Firewire and a Hard Drive slot. These are gonna let you plug in everything from digital camera's to keyboards.

In case you've been under a rock for the last year you should know that the PS2 also plays DVD's. You can pick it up, take it home and fire up your coolest movies when you aren't playing the games.

What about the Gamecube and Xbox? They're both looking like they're going to be stronger than the PS2. The PS2 has 'em beat with the DVD but a year from now they're gonna have faster hardware and snazzier graphics. Feel like waiting a year? I didn't think so.

The Games

Ah! The games. What can you play on your new system? Here's the list of what's coming out:

Game Description Preview Rating
Armored Core 2 - Mercenary Mech combat 4/5
DOA 2 Hardcore - Gorgeous fighting game 5/5
Dynasty Warriors 2 - Samurai Action Warfare 4/5
ESPN X-Games Snowboarding - Realistic Snowboarding Action 4/5
ESPN International Track and Field - Athletic Sim. 3/5
Eternal Ring - Role Playing Game 3/5
Evergrace - Role Playing Game 3/5
FantaVision - Firework Tetris 3/5
Gun Griffon Blaze - Mech combat galore 4/5
Kessen - Samurai Strategy Warfare 4/5
Madden NFL 2001 - Football action 4/5
Midnight Club Street Racing - Racing madness 4/5
Moto GP - Motorcycle Racer 4/5
NHL 2001 - Hockey Action 4/5
Orphen - Anime Action-RPG 3/5
Q-Ball Pool - Pool Sim 3/5
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 - Wacky Boxing Action 4/5
Real Pool - Pool Sim 3/5
Ridge Racer V - Racing action 3/5
Silent Scope - Arcade Sniper 3/5
Smuggler's Run - Racing Mayhem 4/5
SSX Snowboarding - Crazy Snowboarding mania 5/5
Street Fighter EX3 - 3D Fighting Game 3/5
Summoner - 3D Role-Playing Game 4/5
Surfing H3O - Surf-Action 2/5
Swing Away Golf - Goofy Golfing Goodness 4/5
Tekken Tag Tournament - Classic Tekken combat 4/5
TimeSplitters - Quake-Style Action 4/5
Unreal Tournament - Quake-Style Action 4/5
Wild Wild Racing - Racing Action 3/5
X-Squad - Squad Action-Strategy 2/5

Thumbs up:

  • Gonzo graphics + phenomenal power = THE hot new toy.
  • Built-In DVD.
  • Plays original Playstation games.

Thumbs down:

  • Where are they?
  • No internet access yet.
  • Harder than all bejeezus to find one.
  • Did I mention there aren't enough of them to go around?
  • Cuz there aren't : (

Kidz Submit:

1If I were lucky enough or lucky to get my hands on a PS2 I would go wack. Not really wack but hyper! I'd finally say I'm LUCKY !

Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: I'm_a_u.s_hottie
Age: 12

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