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Posted over 5 years ago by pixiestarburst
every girl needs a best friend that will be there for her . unfortunately mine has deserted me im VERY mad at her i ho...
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The Time I went to Michaela's house.LOL!!!

Posted over 5 years ago by Nichole160
One day my BFF Michaela asked me if i wanted to come over to her house and spend the night. and i said yea and my mom didnt car...
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Posted over 5 years ago by aria237
friends, A friend is a person who completes your day!, a friend if somone who is always there for you! the penut butter to ...
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skool sux big time

Posted over 5 years ago by ukeeyo_1735672
i wish i waz ded skool makez me go crazy im not popular and letz put it thz way i hav alot of haters and i hate skool
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Posted over 5 years ago by aubrey132
annoyed out of my mind
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soccer game! [friday, 6/10/11]

Posted over 5 years ago by amberjb5
yesterday i had a soccer game. my team won with a score of 22-18! yesterday wuz also my bday! i got da best presents EVA!!! :D ...
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me me me me

Posted over 5 years ago by princess_nikkie_1745169
im selfish,impatiant and a little insecure. i make mistakes im outta control and at times im hard to handle. but if you can han...
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Boyz R Idiotz

Posted over 5 years ago by I_lUv_PrInC3tOn143_1639861
Boys are soo frekain stupid . 2 dayz b4 the skool yr ended at my skool(which was yesterday 06/09/11) This boi named Anthony tol...
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Posted over 5 years ago by AmberLovezCody
I am 12 years old.I Am Turning 13 On December 31.My Birthday Is December 31, 1998.I also am a huge fan of MICHEAL JACKSON and J...
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Posted over 5 years ago by FreakMaster(:
et me lick you up and down Til you say stop Let me play with your body baby Make you real hot Let me do all the things you want...
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