He knows

Posted 2 days ago by iCaitlin_
Once there was a shy insecure girl, who joined a silly little networking site for the first time due to strict parents. She und...
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Project DUE tomarrow aka THURSDAY!!!

Posted 2 days ago by Tooda_looo
Ok today i have to finish up typing a project. Wait scratch that WRITING. Ugh! My hand is going to hurt so much after im done.M...
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The ballad of the birds~

Posted 3 days ago by GreenTea
Wrote this while I should've been doing homework. Shame on me. --- A jay calls for her lover, how she cries, for her mate; the...
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September 2,2015

Posted 3 days ago by Layne205
Today is the best Day of my hole life! But i feel kind of sick      =( not such a good day after all!!!
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Posted 3 days ago by girlwithanattitude12
Holidays are very nice, boring , annoying, and interesting. Its very nice when we travel around the world and I know people hav...
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Who is World's youngest 2D animator

Posted 3 days ago by deepakpandiar
Hai friends,    I made a short animation 2D movie , about 16 mnt duration.  It is about the race between the Rabbit and Tortoi...
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how i figured out i was bi

Posted 3 days ago by python_freak13
i had a friend help me and then i searched the internet for sighns but most of all my friend helped me figure out so dont be af...
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Florence , my sissyyyyyy , Happy Birthday :D

Posted 3 days ago by Emily164
Hi guys , it's my darling's birthday !!! , Flora , u r really hatke, cool , not emotional fool :p:D , so , On this GOLDEN DAY ,...
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Posted 3 days ago by haych-dot-hussain
Yah guys m bck on blogging posts cuz m bored!!!! Nd btw i❤fashion....its the best thing evr...especially the fashion magazines...
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Posted 3 days ago by supernatural4life
My names kemji and am nice and sociable i dont have much friends but the ones i have am very close to them although i might say...
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