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Posted 8 days ago by Dinoman22
Hi everybody this is my first day on kidzworld. Today in P.E. we did the fun cart and me and some of my friends played basketba...
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Posted 8 days ago by knad007
Well today it's sunshine so thats better than rain. Which also meant that my mom wanted us to paint :(.But after, I can finally...
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My best pet

Posted 8 days ago by Minoins
My best pets name is Zoe, she is 1 year old . She has 1brother and 1 sister . Her eyes are brown in color. She is the smallest ...
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Questions to Consider

Posted 8 days ago by UnderRaven
Which one makes more sense: 'In a plane' or 'On a plane'? I like to start off by saying that the latter makes more sense to me,...
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Star Wars The Force Awakens Idea

Posted 9 days ago by Funnygirl13
Did you know that Rey could possibly be Han Sol's daughter?! Some people may say that she has to be Luke Skywalkers daughter bu...
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Respect Differences!!!

Posted 9 days ago by Akemi110
A great relationship is about two things. First, appreciating and similarities, second, respect the differences. I have a f...
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Starting Over- Famous Last Words

Posted 9 days ago by Jalex4life
It will be alright Starting over It will kill me Bring me back to times we had It's far too late And I cannot wait any longer...
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This guy I like...

Posted 9 days ago by katierox11
Alright, there is this guy. He is cute, smart, funny, sweet, and caring. He is perfect to me. We have been talking for awhile. ...
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top 10 fairy tail characters

Posted 9 days ago by warmachine111
top 10 fairy tail characters (note:this is my own opinions so i dont want ANY hate or else you will be blocked and it also has ...
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Posted 10 days ago by NIKEBOII
I'm tired of ppl bro, i mean ni66as stay talking that trash ish but don't run it up steady saying that I'm fake Im ugly Im anno...
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Type The First Word That You Think Of!

I need help

I need help

Type The First Word That You Think Of!

Bored :|

i love jb!!!

Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm.


Bored :|