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The Anime Challenge (DAY 3)

Okay, since I've watched li...
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Annoying pun of the day #1

I'm going to start a new bl...
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5 tips to make your monday better

Tip 1: Make plans for after...
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Chat room

Come into chat room!
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#6. Why I Like Nerve Cells

Ok, first off, I'm sorry. L...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted 13 days by ITJI

Default girl

I'm a very hype,kind and upbeat-ish person.But I Do Have a lot of mood swings so that's me.But Let me give you a full descripti...


Posted 13 days by Sassy_cassy_115


So volleyball reds have this huge tournament next week and the tournament is the finals but they are going to rock this thang!


Posted 13 days by AnnaOfExquizurd


So I dislike turning the conversation with friends to negative topics but I want to vent anyways so I'm posting this here. Just...


today was an okay day, i guess! this afternoon i have drama rehersals after school so we practiced. today at lunch could have b...


Everyday, i will try and do a blog about things that happen in my life, please ask if you have any questions about this, i can ...


i am nither these, but my friend is. me and them get very annoyed with the fact that those who are makes their own life choices...

form tutor!

Posted 14 days by bearbear890


Dont you just hate when your form tutor gets annoyed for no reason!ugh! today i got kicked in the leg, yes, silly, i know. but ...


Fake it: (the name of the poem) Hang in there they say(hang in there) it’ll get better put on a fake smile(for) everybody ...

May 7 2018

Posted 16 days by Sabrina357

Default girl

I'm in my bed. I am going over my math facts and listening to music. Its Abigail. TodayI learned that no matter how sad you ar...

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