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Happy Thanksgiving!!!♥

Posted 4 days ago by peace16
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on here & everyone else on here as well. I will be on Friday, It's time for me to log ...
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My ex

Posted 5 days ago by YesCaptain
Dear People, I am just going to tell you a sad little story of when I had a bf. Me and him used to be this careless, happy litt...
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So much caring and loving !!!!

Posted 5 days ago by Emily164
Hey guys , Today I am here to tell you something about my love. Kamran , He is my bf ( Now you all know this :p ). So he cares ...
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Posted 5 days ago by Zinovia04
Hello again! A lot of girls in the world, want or have a boyfriend. But, some girls who want a boyfriend and try to win him can...
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Posted 5 days ago by Zinovia04
Hello! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. What are you doing? I wait Ideas!
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My day

Posted 5 days ago by Zinovia04
Today was a terrible day! We wrote two test, in Greek and Maths, we are having a lot of exercises for tomorrow and I'm so tired...
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riyuuuuuuuuuuuu y ru sooooo shweetuuuuu

Posted 5 days ago by smartysatya
okk....okkk.... thiss is 3rd time posting about her ..... but still i love her dan my heart beat ! OMG THIS GIRL is really a sh...
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my day today

Posted 5 days ago by Stargirl112
today i am having a great day I am on sky talking to jonathan.
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Things i do

Posted 5 days ago by LoveingEverything
I watch YouTube play some games, lieten to some music; go on kidzworld, think about what im going to do in the furture like my ...
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Unseen Neighbour

Posted 5 days ago by -Misaaa
even his trees stay inside the fence unseen neighbour
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