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well me watchim tv.

Posted over 4 years ago by msmodelgirl619
Im making a fashion statement , by watching tv. In heels. Purple short- shorts. And a ofd the shoulder shirt
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A Poem

Posted over 4 years ago by Loveabug
So much depends upon the little things in life, things full of sadness and delight. But there is always a way to get through t...
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bored or not

Posted over 4 years ago by goron1532
if u r bored or not u still have fun the next day
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peace sines

Posted over 4 years ago by angel102002
glo peace
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Posted over 4 years ago by ChuckTaylor_2096026
Bored Af! :)
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JOKES! yay!

Posted over 4 years ago by sandfur121
How do you get Pickachu's friends onto a bus? POKEMON! LOL
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Friday THE 13th!!!! * screams*

Posted over 4 years ago by sandfur121
Anybody doing anything tonight? Comment me if so! I'm locking the doors and watching movies.
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i wanna a kind bf

Posted over 4 years ago by kind+cool=me :D
kind+cool=me :D
ama 13 years old ,wanna a kind bf i dont have a bf before just 1 bf ,if u wanna be ma bf and me then say in the comment or say ...
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the scary friday the 13th

Posted over 4 years ago by ms.briana12
omg it's friday the 13th.who's scared. I sleep in the back of the house ALONE.now imaging what's that like who would want to sl...
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Friend pics

Posted over 4 years ago by TheTwankinOnes
ok guys im bak and when i saw im i mean qmfizer lol. ok so i was tyhinking how cool it wuld b 4 u guys to finally see us n lik ...
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