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Blog 2

Aloha planet earth! How r u...
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MY lunch for a week completed

Thursday : rice with potato...
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my lunch for a week

Sunday: i ate macaroni sala...
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SUNDAY: I ate rice and chic...
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My lunch

On Sunday I ate rise ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


If you haven't, then your missing out! The book is really good! (better than the movie!!!) Summary: Katniss is ...


we were really fooled on the toonami thing because of the new cn president Stuart Snyder thats why its gone cartoon cartoon was...

Lady Gaga

Posted almost 6 years by LadyGaga5814


LAdy gaga is so awesome. She is friendly. she was Born That way!


Posted almost 6 years by The Emster_2113149

Default girl

What is the lamest excuse for something that someone has given you? What was your reply?


Posted almost 6 years by The Emster_2113149

Default girl

Is cheer-leading a sport? Why or why not?


Posted almost 6 years by The Emster_2113149

Default girl

What is the most boring class in school to you? Why?


I think this song is about her and Justin Beiber (HATE HIM). Selena is talking in sing formation.

my life

Posted almost 6 years by Shinaki Dansteyoinana


I was born as Shinaki Dansteyoinana in Tokyo, Japan. I love Domo, Totoro, Hello Kitty, Chococat, My Melody, and Naruto. You may...

The Hunger Games.

Posted almost 6 years by I love root beer

Default girl

Ok, so you notice how everyone's turning The Hunger Games into another Twilight ? You have 2 agree with them. Peeta(josh hutch...


Posted almost 6 years by superstar2002_2019276

Default girl

I want to go swimming

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