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Bonjour - let's learn French!

Bonjour stands for hello. N...
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Bonjour! You might be wonde...
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Hey Guys XD I love creepypa...
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As I've mentioned everywher...
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All About Me

I doubt anyone is going to ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


sometimes you cry sometimes you laugh friends r always soppuse to be friends wen u love some one to much their your friend but ...

can u c

Posted almost 6 years by babyheart_2109532


im still the one u c if u can c

Life Ain't That Good!

Posted almost 6 years by -DNA_Angel-


Today was HORRIBLE!! I was crying like crap! One of my friend is telling everyone to go against me...Just horrible. Took the "S...


Posted almost 6 years by dog1515

Default girl

i am a fun freaky yong girl. i love everyone well almost so post all you want i am willing to talk back so come on chat it up.

Mindless Behavior Ray Ray

Posted almost 6 years by MindlessDiva143


Heyyyy im back now imma tell some facts about ray ray from mindless behavior so here it goes Name:Ray Ray Birthplace:los angel...


Posted almost 6 years by bellarella234


i love anime i even draw my own this my talent if you like i can upload one of my drawings all you have to do is ask!

wretched sound

Posted almost 6 years by Strayy_2047303


Goodness wasn't that frightening... Having a wonderful conversation with my online sister Niara and all of a sudden some idiot ...

thiz boy name in my class

Posted almost 6 years by chrissybo_1925178


he smell like doo he be mix with wash pouder and doo lord no he stanky he need a hot shower lol u no who u is comment if u no ...

Pixy Stix. 4/26/12

Posted almost 6 years by kawaiibubz_2108545


Hey guys! Its kawaiibubz here! So. I'm really bored. I'm video chatting with "ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE" , who's my best friend on...

About my self

Posted almost 6 years by horrorbilgee_2101609


i am 13 years old i have 2 brother i am from Mongolia and i love Tobuscus

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