halo girlfriends

Posted about 3 years ago by csc_1968597
why cant i find a girl who plys halo any halo games if your a girl and play halo talk to me plz i need halo girlfriend
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Posted about 3 years ago by kailah1257
You You are the sunlight that brightens up my day When clouds rule my spirit And everything is gray. You walk beside me; Your ...
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xD My favorite RPs

Posted about 3 years ago by I believe in dreaming!
I believe in dreaming!
Here are my favorite RPs BTW: ***Means that you can join them ** Means they are private-ASK! * You MAY NO...
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sticks & stones

Posted about 3 years ago by -female.weezy!
People say sticks and stones mha brake mha bones butt words will neva hurt mhe dhat ish aint tru!! Words hurt butt ayo come at ...
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why i will alwhaiis l.o.v.e

Posted about 3 years ago by -female.weezy!
L is for the love yhu gave tah mhe for 7 whole yrs 7 years of nothing butt joy happiness and somewhat pain that yhu always brou...
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My Dreams:)

Posted about 3 years ago by bubbles29_2011237
Hey guys I'm Janelle! and since I was a ;little girl at the age of 4 being pushed around in a wal-mart shopping cart blurting ...
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star wars roblox

Posted about 3 years ago by Skyrunner
when u have a chance u should go play roblox because if u sign up u can search star wars and then it will give u a whole list o...
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Posted about 3 years ago by Lovin Me
Lovin Me
all about meh all day everyday never forget meh!!!!!!!!!!!!@#@#$#$$#%$^%^*&()&&%^$#
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my p.e teacher

Posted about 3 years ago by fireflame spitter
fireflame spitter
my p.e is the meanest teacher I got.I hate Mondays and Tuesdays
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Posted about 3 years ago by flossy123_2011094
they re way cooler and talented
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