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About me

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Live To Be Alive.

I think everyone should be ...
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Do people actually read the...
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My life as a big sister

Hey everyone Lila here! I a...
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Story of my life...

When i was born, i had a he...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Stone or Glass?

Posted almost 6 years by WildHeart_2110272


My heart was stone hard and no one can get in When you met me you tried but it didn't work When you leaned down and kissed me m...


Dear Kat!♥ You are amazing! Your 13 and i have gotten so close to you! T...

Mattyo7'a Blog

Posted almost 6 years by mattyo7

I probably won't

Posted almost 6 years by mattyo7


but still a possibility.

I may abandon this account..

Posted almost 6 years by mattyo7


Posted almost 6 years by mattyo7


Posted almost 6 years by roger2901s


Today i am having my BFF over today!! Her name is Tia and we have known each other for 11 years!! My mom and her mom were 2 mon...


i just have 2 say somethin'. i love a boy in my class and i dunno if he loves me back. im afriad 2 ask himout cuz if he says no...

Guitar Lessons

Posted almost 6 years by DownWithTheTrumpets_2110279


I have a guitar lesson every Friday and today was my first one. The teacher's really funny and nice. He doesn't believe in note...

Everyday Im Buffering.

Posted almost 6 years by mattyo7

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