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well i gotta tell something...
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How to tell if a boy is in to you!!

If he is always looking at ...
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Candy Vlog

How-to,opinion,advice and m...
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Join my roleplay!

Hi everyone,how are you? Re...
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kuwtk should Khloe leave Thompson?

hit me up
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Imaginary Thing

Posted almost 6 years by mishra_mama



Hello, post

Posted almost 6 years by mishra_mama


Hello how are you ?

Default girl

~When Mag asks, "Business?", she is standing outside the door, but she's standing by the gate when she starts singing again. Th...

Default girl

Just some comments people posted on "Chase the Morning" [Repo!] on YTube. ~~~~~~~~~ Shiloh: "How'd you do that? Mag: "Do what? ...

Default girl

I was reading the comments on Chromaggia on Ytube...I liked some of them so much I had to share them. x] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...


Posted almost 6 years by frog2431


school is great i love it and this is my last year in junior school i can not wait also i am getting a dog in may xx

New to thing

Posted almost 6 years by Scrya_2109948


Hello i new here, also this is the first time i write a blog here. i though to be to old for this but who care and i only 15. ...

Word of the DAY

Posted almost 6 years by Silver Lust_2098908


Hey everyone! Today's word is... Um... STALKER! LOL. I know, it's weird but whatever. I LIKE THAT WORD... IDK why. So don't a...


Posted almost 6 years by dumbo41


does enyone have a girlfriend


Posted almost 6 years by Dragon slayer5_2019570


I love to play soccer. Its the most exciting, important and unique game in the world for me. Even if the oponent is tough and h...

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