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Shadows Blog!!! :)

hey guys!! i just came on t...
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A little about me... <3

I am 13 I was born in Kansa...
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Starting a blog

Aloha planet earth! This is...
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At the store

Just online to post on my b...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Deadly Chapter 1. Destined Sophia had learned ...


Posted almost 6 years by Blackwater101_1600138


Do you like.. Um mm.. I forgot. OH I remember now! Do you like.. I forgot again.. I remember.. Do you like monkeys? Wait that's...

Spring Musical

Posted almost 6 years by besties4evs


Hey guys. My school is doing a Spring Musical. I tried out 4 a solo and a singing group in after school. So the next week lat...

Justin Bieber

Posted almost 6 years by baileyzion


`Why is he famous? `Did he really get discoved by Usher, or what?? `J/K.....but really.....who agress!!


I hate people who make other kids feel bad about themselves and make fun of them. Yes I mean bullies if you were wondering. I h...

The Social Side Of School

Posted almost 6 years by YounqqT*


Dear Viewers, For all the slick ones out there who know what people come to school for you can stop ...

About Me

Posted almost 6 years by 1horse101_2058511


Hi there my name is Marie and I have ducks and dogs I am a country gal and a redneck so if you don't like that then get off my ...

the May Dance!!!!!!

Posted almost 6 years by SweetJenny430


whoooooo!!! im sooo excited about the may dance comin' up at my school on May 4th!!! (if ur from SJN u'll know wat i mean.) i c...

hate school

Posted almost 6 years by shemizcool

Default guy

i hate school and i hate read do hate school.


Posted almost 6 years by D.j.1580


hi i'm a girl who is a scraycat and has lots lots of friends and isshy sometimes i have a big tatented brother. i am a good stu...

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