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1st post!

Hey everyone! So today I'm ...
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People and there words

so this is just a little in...
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I love listening to songs! ...
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I love RP! It is the best! ...
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being me

Posted about 6 years by nickiminjcupcake21_2054551

Default girl

its not easy being me at all finish the rest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Posted about 6 years by sabrinalove123_1924763


I love gir.there is a song of gir i have a big chane of gir

Taylor Lautner

Posted about 6 years by carrielou98_2058572


He is hot n he is an AWESOME actor. Theres no doubt about tht. He has ALOT of girlfriends though. I think he dates everyone he ...

my cuz

Posted about 6 years by sabrinalove123_1924763


My cuz he is 1 and he drinks cofe . Cofe iz naste i hate it

Back At School Today

Posted about 6 years by frostyamino4


Today, we're back at school. I woke up a little too late. Luckily i am on the bus now with my friends. Well, i have the PSSA's ...

My Singing Career

Posted about 6 years by QueenCamille


I love to sing its fun. But I get shy around my family when they want me to. I wrote 2 songs already. They are awesome. One is ...

all about her !

Posted about 6 years by LonelyBoy_1922009


the girl name is jennyfer .. damn i really can't forget her ... i'm still loving her .. honestly i still love jennyfer :)

daten in middle school

Posted about 6 years by n11girl_1590893


i have been daren this guy for two months and counting but we havent talked. together in days I'm starting to think us being t...

my boyfriend and me

Posted about 6 years by Codylover_2057441


me and my boyfriend went on a walk tonight (3/11/12) and we danced 3 hours to our song. In the POURING rain. I love him so much...


Posted about 6 years by babygyurlnena_2023102


Boys n boyfriend I don't get them. They pass mixed signals. It like solving who's A in pretty little liars. They break ur hear...

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