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Posted almost 5 years ago by The Adorable Kids
The Adorable Kids
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my b day

Posted almost 5 years ago by prisiegirl
am turning ten feb 22 and am so excited because we do this jump rope for heart thing were we jump rope for are heart and donat ...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by prisiegirl
i like my school but my class room teacher miss.cook doesnt show atention to anyone but kimberly because ever had did bad but k...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by awesome246
hi im going to talk about bullying.it is not nice and some people kill themselfs cause they cant take it anymore. i was bullied...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by kaykaycuteme
why did the tissue roll down? to get to the bottom.
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I will help you

Posted almost 5 years ago by cheerzgurl
Hi i want to help you so just comment me if you need any help
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Random plot things!

Posted almost 5 years ago by onlyindarkness_1977893
1. Homosexual boys break into the home of school boys despite the impending apocalypse. 2. Bored nuclear scientists brainwash...
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Funny My Chemical Romance Quotes!

Posted almost 5 years ago by Kaycieee_1937593
"One by one, penguins are slowly stealing my sanity." -Gerard Way "This song is about making babies, having babies...and sell...
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somethings about me

Posted almost 5 years ago by silly103
1.i like to party and have fun 2.im cute and rich 3.would you like to be my friend 4.im in 5 different dance groups 5.you guys ...
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Sorry For Not Blogging

Posted almost 5 years ago by SeddieRox
Hey Guys, SeddieRox jamming out to my boy Shane and decided to blog. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. So much school. So I h...
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