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My other Poem

Posted almost 4 years ago by esergio
Music A symphony full of emotion fills my head. The smooth sound swirls though my ears. The Mill...
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Later ...

Posted almost 4 years ago by OnceForgotten
Honestly I am not a jealous person. I usually don't envy people or what they have. But lately I'm just..Jealous. I'm jealous o...
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Love vs Heartbreak!

Posted almost 4 years ago by HollyWoodAllDaii
Ugh! Boiis Thats Why Yuu Dump Them First So No Matter What He'll Want Yuu Back..Now That He Dumped Me Him Not Gne Want Me! Love...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by W5QEKL7JG8NH
my cat bites me what sould i do? give me complements pls
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justin bieber and selena gomez

Posted almost 4 years ago by aless97_1994547
alright who thinks that justin bieber and selena gomez should break up???
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I thought

Posted almost 4 years ago by Fun girl 123
Fun girl 123
I thought he was the one but he was not, I hope he turns out to be the one, and he noes who he is!
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xbox 360s

Posted almost 4 years ago by DCrocks5
i think that if you play it to long your game will get kinda boring so its kinda confusing to play for along time or for awhile
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uncharted series

Posted almost 4 years ago by iamalive
Have any of you tried one of the Uncharted games? they r so awesome it has guns, fighting, puzzles, and excitement!!! If you d...
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They aren't that bad.

Posted almost 4 years ago by carriefan98
I don't know why everyone is raising heck about the Kardashians. They aren't that bad? I mean, they might be conceited, vain, a...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by shaebum1234
Life is life sometimes u haft to appriciate what u get because some people have nothing to eat and u do.People are on the stre...
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