Who loves 1 direction

Posted about 3 years ago by Leeshaa12
As a true music fan i would love to know who loves 1 direction, you should remember them coming in 3rd in 2010 on the x factor ...
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I'm hungry!

Posted about 3 years ago by prppydawg294
Hi, everyone! I'm hungry! No haters! Peace!!
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What should I do with my hair?

Posted about 3 years ago by badiva
Hey. I need help. Should I get my hair braided with weave or curl my hair or purme it? This is for my best hair styles scrapboo...
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Posted about 3 years ago by anthony3
hi if any girls babysit can you please let me know a lot of my friends babysit and i just had a few questions. thanks
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my day

Posted about 3 years ago by Bri-100
My day is going good so far.My mom is about to get some hair to get it done.Then I'm going to B&GC pratic...
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I Hate Haters So Diz Iz To All My Haters!!!!!!

Posted about 3 years ago by Babe Boo 123
Babe Boo 123
I keep it real and thats a promise I may be a B*tch but atleast im honest When I walk by you stop and stare Well keep on lookin...
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Posted about 3 years ago by lamaya1,000
do people gossip things about you that are not true?well if so listen to this. my class was runnnig track and i acsedently step...
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a short hi

Posted about 3 years ago by amh123
ok i was talking to you a cupel das ogow but i am var nice . bye hi but bye
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not fair

Posted about 3 years ago by kaylaboos2
well it says if u post three blog commants they give u a bronze metal soo............ where is it know!
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Storm warning

Posted about 3 years ago by cheesecakeluva23$$
She rolled in from the west in her summer sun dress Hotter than the heat in july With her windblown hair it just wasn’t fair th...
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