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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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It's Boring, So Skip This Blog

I was reading the Four Hour...
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emo in the eyes of a parent vs kid

so in the blog i wanna talk...
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Poetry #1

“Numb” She hated the sadnes...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

2 chat whenever we wnt

Posted over 6 years by sonicboom22

Default girl

there shouldnt b a time limit 4 when we chat!!! We should b able 2 chat whenever we wnt 2


Posted over 6 years by Blackwater101_1600138


Ok sooo I"m bored and I don't have anything to do!!!! So I decided to create a blog 4 advice!! Rule...


1. Get up, Take a very quick shower! 2. Get dressed. 3. Eat cereal. 4.

big time rush

Posted over 6 years by kelseymodle100098

Default girl

big time rush is going on tour with cody simpson this summer


Posted over 6 years by DoUbLe- R104


Whin u r in love and u brrck up u just wanna go back

My BFF's came over

Posted over 6 years by jasper1121

Default girl

Friday night I begged and begged untill my parents said that my friends could come over so we were watching WWE and then I got ...


Posted over 6 years by allycat27


This girl is so funny and cool . Even thou i literly just meet her today i know we'll b a future BFF's . she so cool awesomely ...


I went to public school when I was a youngster. I was miserable. No matter what was happening I was crying or goofing off (to p...


Posted over 6 years by xTra.Spiicy_2045056


Posted over 6 years by girly264_1992724


Man ok I have a mean fake aunt u cant even count on ur hand how many times shes slaped me

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