Dual Survival

Posted about 3 years ago by jake84679
tlk bout it, nd its AWESOME
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First Day!!!

Posted about 3 years ago by LiveLuvDanceBeat123
Heyy Ppl!! So today was the first day of school!! 8th GRADERRRRRR!!!! SUPER PSYCHED!!!! Mainly because I get to see and hang ou...
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mindless behavior

Posted about 3 years ago by lil_mindless_gurl
I'M in love with princeton but now im obessing over him and he reminds me of my baby cuz because of the hair my drug is him i n...
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the milk story!

Posted about 3 years ago by Franken-Stein
i had a phone. it was a piece of recycled crap lol. it was the samsung reclaim from sprint. ok, i was sitting in my recliner (c...
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Posted about 3 years ago by Mrs.Priceton
He is sweet and funny
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back to school sucks

Posted about 3 years ago by tanetta777
dont u think going back to school suck but at the same time its kool cuz u get to go to the next grade . this summer was boring...
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Dont Hate On Me Cuz I Made This Stupid Thing Up :P

Posted about 3 years ago by NickiLover13
If your not a player then your not in the game, and if you know me then you better say my name and you better keep score when ...
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Posted about 3 years ago by SheiLaLa
my sis and bro goin to spend da night yaayyyy i get the house to maself
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im fighting with my boyfriend.

Posted about 3 years ago by Maclynn9
My boyfriend is being a jerk and so is my BFF. at school we got lockers, and i got a bottom one. my bf and bff got top lockers ...
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Posted about 3 years ago by Rocky2245
Boys are like dogs.
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