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Must Visit: Badami @ Karnataka

Hey; its my first blog. Hop...
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Yes it's true I am being bu...
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hi my name is Danielle Make...
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MY lunch for a week completed

Thursday : rice with potato...
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my lunch for a week

Sunday: i ate macaroni sala...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Default girl

1.Follow them around the house. 2. Moo whenever they say your name. 3. Pretend to have amnesia. 4. Say everything backwards...


Posted about 6 years by arial323


So just made some eggs like 2 hours ago and I put too much salt in my eggs.So my sister said that if I entered that into a cook...


Posted about 6 years by redskins


im cute so ride my stick


Posted about 6 years by shadow100


I like drawing cuz im in art i like selena gomez cuz she fine. School Sucks That's all i got to say

bffs complicated

Posted about 6 years by lovelylove88

Default girl

Well you wouldn't think third grade is this crazy but it is well my two bffs are complicated always off and on they follw each ...

finding right bf

Posted about 6 years by little ms swagger


i have this boy at my school and im afraid 2 ask him out


i got a new account so add me from ~Love Me Forever And Ever~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted about 6 years by Cool Girl 7


hey all my friends !!!! how r u ???


im nice and cool as u can see one more thing ADD ME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my self

Posted about 6 years by gremreeper

Default girl

i need FRIENDS

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