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Luv me or Hate me IDGAF

Posted about 5 years ago by prettiestgurlalive
Name:Keke Age:13 young Im weird but luv by most mi sis is queentaylor123 she mi bestie/wifey/sis Im mostly luv by mi haters cuz...
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The story of babyfacegg

Posted about 5 years ago by babyfacegg
The story of babyfacegg Babyfacegg was once normal, just like you. He was a dreamer, yes, he dreamed of being one of the beaut...
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Posted about 5 years ago by RoseyPureLove
Today I was playing with Weesy (Louise), my friend who lives in my estate. I told her about my birthday party. I am going to th...
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My friend so damm funny

Posted about 5 years ago by phatboo200
We was iin the cumputer lab and my other frien fliped her over and hur wig came off as soon as I saw that I was in tears laughi...
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Boys? who needs them...

Posted about 5 years ago by --Em0--Girl--
When a boy brakes your heat 1 time then gets back with you don't do it they will just do it again and then make you feel like i...
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Posted about 5 years ago by spazie_1801953
Food is something we interact with on a daily basis. There are many facts about food that are fascinating and definitely worthy...
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Chat Room

Posted about 5 years ago by -The name is Kayla-_1977458
-The name is Kayla-_1977458
Damn...chat room is sooo annoynq! Does it really matter if yuh cuss?? it's juss a word!
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my day

Posted about 5 years ago by kuzivakwashe
today my day was wonderful.we had art.and i was the first one to finish my work.and i had fun with my friends at school.
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Posted about 5 years ago by xXxscene-girlxXx78_1942531
somethings you'll never understand. but your happy they exist. somethings you regret. but then you still smile. somethings are ...
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sexy boys of the day.

Posted about 5 years ago by RADA27_1960489
well i have seen plenty oF today but the top two is ........MONEYKING33 IMAYBACK ACE SWAGG124 THEY R VERYY SEXYYY ADD THEM
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