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Posted almost 5 years ago by mia3you
i love fridays
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To Princeton.Austin and RayRay

Posted almost 5 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
Princeton.austin and rayray You have lost your minds! Hello Wake up I'm going to tell you all exctatly what the he// is ur prob...
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new frndzzzz......

Posted almost 5 years ago by evabrooks_2003262
hey guys, i need sum frndsss coz m new here???hELp....i luv makin frndzzz....lol
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which is ur fav hollywood ya bollywood ?

Posted almost 5 years ago by adds_rocks
me sometimes holly sometimes bolly
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Updated Awesome friends!!!!

Posted almost 5 years ago by samanthapandaw_1631334
These people are my best friends, and if you mess with them I'LL KILL YOU. now that thats out of the way, an introduction to th...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by Pinkluvbug16
Love is Bad and it is great.sometimes you wish love was never made,but after you discover your true love, you love love. lets ...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by loeydovey4567
friends: friends can be mean sometimes and sometimes they can be super nice like take my friend for example she can get mean so...
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Love Sucks

Posted almost 5 years ago by xXxFangxXx_1992830
For all times yew stood by me for all the truth yew made me see for all the joy yew brought to my life for all the wrong yew ma...
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Need advice!!!!!!

Posted almost 5 years ago by Sportschick1230
Ok so theres two guys in my school that like me and im going out with one guy but i like him alot and he always complimens me o...
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Emos or Scenes being misunderstood

Posted almost 5 years ago by EmoRocks316_2003737
hello every one idk about u but im tired of being stareotyped as a depressed life hating cutter when thats mostly a steryo typ...
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