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who knows a show called scare tactics

Posted over 5 years ago by emogamergirl_1968639
i loveeee that show me and my sis were thinking to put my older sis in that show lmao xD
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Oreo Barbie doll

Posted over 5 years ago by Sk8ing Romeo_1900838
Sk8ing Romeo_1900838
i just saw this video of a black barbie doll wearing an oreo out fit and they only have black barbie dolls and of course they ...
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Victorious Fans

Posted over 5 years ago by Mrs.Fierce
How much do you love Victorious which is one of the Nickelod-eon hits on TV?Write what you think and I will get right back at ...
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my journey for attention

Posted over 5 years ago by mizzdezi
when i was born no one wanted me. i was a outkast before i even knew what that was. when i turned two my dad left for two years...
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the game

Posted over 5 years ago by twon97
gint are still going to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
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My valentine is...WAIT

Posted over 5 years ago by I am epic
I am epic
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!!!!! HOLD THE PHONE! what were we talking about? xD Do you think i would say who i like? NUH UH!
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Posted over 5 years ago by cookiemonsterluv
So, I not WATCHING the superbowl but im checking in on it. I being forced to watch "The Help". This movie is really boring and ...
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The one time of the year.....

Posted over 5 years ago by Blackstar2475_2020264
......which I hate is February -I never had a valentine (though honestly I don't care about that, only 2 of my friends are loo...
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Weather Forcast for three days

Posted over 5 years ago by Rocky2245
Tommorow: 53 degress Sunny Tuesday: 49 degress Mostly Sunny Wednesday: 41 Partly Sunny
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why kidzworld is better than facebook

Posted over 5 years ago by syney
kidzworld is waaaay better than facebook beacause facebook is reeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllllyyyyy dangerouse!!!!!!!!some people have ...
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