Someone to talk to...

Posted about 3 years ago by bigshotgirl
Hello everyone! I am fairly new on this website. It's pretty cool. Just wondering if anyone wants to add me. I'm 13 and a girl :)
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My First Day

Posted about 3 years ago by No.5_1879580
Well hello humans! I am Gavin! I am NOT stupid! Just silly! :3 Mackenna I wove you for being my 1st friend. .)_(.
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Haha theme song for meee

Posted about 3 years ago by Franken-Stein
im the kind of person who ish awesome! oh and i really luv havin a theme song lol. i think mine is either Inhuman by Thousand F...
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Where has the summer gone?

Posted about 3 years ago by jane1727
It seems like it was just a week ago that we got out of school. Now in 2 days we go back to school. All I did this summer ...
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Posted about 3 years ago by xXxPoisonPoptartxXx
♥ It's Hard Loving Life When Bad and/or Scary things Happen But You Have To Think To Yourself ''Everything is Fine" and Push Th...
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i just some friends add as a friend

Posted about 3 years ago by awsomekid123
any boys and girls and can you send me a friend request
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mydiva life

Posted about 3 years ago by diva1596
i love cheerleadind my favorite subject math thats my favorite is it your to?
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A Poem called:I Will Always Love u

Posted about 3 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
I have always loved u I've always cared But I can't love u cuz u love her And u can't love me cuz ulove her But she better hop...
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Justin Bieber

Posted about 3 years ago by Aschalaj
Justin Bieber is a kid who got famous of the internet(YouTube).And all most got over millons and millons of views.He song by Ju...
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feeling dumb

Posted about 3 years ago by ashnicole9
i feel dumb cuz i just touched a hot stove and forgot that it waz on lol my hand really hurts :(
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