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Jan 17 2012

Posted about 5 years ago by CrashYourParty
heyooo! Right now I am doing HW, emailing a girlscouts lady, and watching H20 just add water, and blogging oh yeah i am also wh...
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Random xxxx

Posted about 5 years ago by Yeah_Love
Bbz true love never ends babe ;)
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Posted about 5 years ago by toribug01
Today, I'm going to break up with my bf (cute_vampair_boy ) he is REALLY nasty . Now girls dont date him I tell you dont date ...
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Who will win????

Posted about 5 years ago by **sweet-and-dark**
Hey I'm Kat! I'm fun loving caring and kind. I would love to hav you as a friend! I don't accept boys though. So I need you ppl...
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Posted about 5 years ago by Bellasvision
OK so on Saturday Jan 14,2012. I went to the beach and OMG best day of my life even tho i wen wit my church it was fun exciting...
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J A M M I N G !*

Posted about 5 years ago by MainBossLadyy_1999586
I Love Youu Likee Ahh Love Sonqq Babyy , Yoo Love Gott Mee Goinqq Soo Crazyy , In My Mindd I'll Alwayss Bee Yoo Ladyy , .! -It...
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Posted about 5 years ago by Gleeful34
Found out KW takes up a lot of internet (which we are limited on) so please allow two weeks for me to reply to any messages, fr...
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Posted about 5 years ago by yaize123
my teacher ms.wellborn i dont like her she is a preacher loL hate her she be jacked up with her pants at like a boy she ugly LOL
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Posted about 5 years ago by Devil Jin_Evil_1928837
Devil Jin_Evil_1928837
Well, off to do school Offline
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Drama Bomb DX

Posted about 5 years ago by imthegirl
Me and my friends made this club where we play games and have parties on the holidays and this girl who I am not aloud to talk ...
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