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hi guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg u...
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hey guys this is my first i...
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oh no

Ugh ! tommarow school and n...
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My life

My life is about school
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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

My latest RP

Posted about 6 years by samanthapandaw_1631334


if you love roleplaying and fairy tales, you should join this. actually, you should join if you like roleplaying. It's called J...

Nicki Minaji vs. Lil Kim

Posted about 6 years by keymorris


Some people think that Nicki Minaji is a better rapper than Lil Kim. I think that Nicki Minaji is a better rapper that'a my op...

God's Given Gift.

Posted about 6 years by -Promises&Memories-


I feel like I have a special part of heaven , him . He is my little peace of heaven. God has given me him. And I won't let him ...

Default girl

2-12-12 6:20pm unicorns nyan cat rainbows flying cows gibby... o___0 choclate candy DOUBLE rainbows edible grass the snozz ...


Posted about 6 years by angel45906_1867762


I download cleverbot app on my iPad and she/he is so weird you can ask him anything at he/she replys and no it's not a human it...

moved in

Posted about 6 years by stunna101_1982312

Default girl

i just moved into my new house and actually its smaller then my old house.I don't know anybody around here and im going to a ne...

nothing is nothing?

Posted about 6 years by --Em0--Girl--


nothing is nothing but nothing is right? so what if nothing is nothing then nothing is nothing so there for nothing is nothing ...

True friends

Posted about 6 years by --Em0--Girl--


True friends are the people you have in your life all the time and never ever let you down, fake friends are the ones that pret...

KW help in forums

Posted about 6 years by pookiegirl123

Default girl

Girls Only Need help with girl stuff? Chat with other girls about issues unique to girls! - Feedback and Suggestions Have s...

Sports in forums

Posted about 6 years by pookiegirl123

Default girl

Cheerleading Talk about cheerleading. Is cheerleading a sport? Is it just for pretty snobs? Post your favorite cheers! - Eve...

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