being just me

Posted over 3 years ago by gatta b a ransaw24_1858053
gatta b a ransaw24_1858053
OKEY BRO im so mad i waz juhhst plaing around wit my boyfreind ndhe ask me too kiss him n i wz like uhhhhhhhhhhm not rite no so...
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Posted over 3 years ago by AwEsOmEnEsS-Is-Me
this can be a very bad thing. alot of untrue things can be posted online and there cld also be ppl pretending to be someone the...
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Posted over 3 years ago by JokerinMe
ok! everyone has a crush! on a scale of 1-10, how badly is ur crush? (10 being the worst, duh!)
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Posted over 3 years ago by sweetbee123
Hey. Ok I wanted to let you know that I am a proud atheist. No I won't bash your religion. And I won't debate it if you don't w...
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Posted over 3 years ago by CountryBumpkin15_1899118
hey yall im new and i wanna make some new friends so add me! and ughh the chat thing wont let me into it :( any ideas y'all?? ...
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a other chance

Posted over 3 years ago by GOTHGIRL#1
my heart braking, dieing slowly no one seems to care on the floor feeling alone and scared feeling the pain wanting it to go a...
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Posted over 3 years ago by barbielol123
i feel so sad i even if i was not born on 2001
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fun things

Posted over 3 years ago by nicki fan143
nicki fan143
omg i just played truth or dare with friends and had to kiss ex boyfriend for 2 minuts kinda felt goo conciderring it was our f...
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Posted over 3 years ago by nana661
i have one sister named kelis aqnd a brother named keelan a dad named jason a mom named mellody a step mom named kendall and me...
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Posted over 3 years ago by Persefinie
does anyone else have homework here if so, write what you have in the comments
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