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#6. Why I Like Nerve Cells

Ok, first off, I'm sorry. L...
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The Anime Challenge (DAY 2)

Alright, I saw some disturb...
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it is about a my teacher wh...
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Just Some Song Lyrics

Title : No Control Lyr...
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Pulling the joke string

So my best friend came and ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

February 2nd 2012

Posted over 6 years by CrashYourParty


Sorry I haven't written in forever! Be Back Later for more posts! p.s 20 days til my bday! whoopdedoo!

Default girl

The teacher says something and your class laughs and then you realize that it's not even funny... When a misquito comes buzzin...

metallica \\m//

Posted over 6 years by SWEETY JOJO


well metallica was formed in 1981 by james hetfield (lead singer) and lars ulrich (drummer) they would also add dave mustaine (...


Hey! Today im going to put the lyrics to "Ours" by Taylor Swift. if you want to see certain lyrics, just tell me in the comment...

Default girl

I just felt REALLY miserable and awful lately.... I JUST WANNA DIE!!! ♪ Aira ♪

Default girl

im so happy 4 u that ur now 17..... LOVE U!


Posted over 6 years by jawanharris#1fan_1917696


i love rayray from mindless behavior but i koe mii username says jawanharriss#1fan but rayray is a little better looking the ja...


Hello! This is the first KidsOnlyU post. We don't have any shout outs so we cant have any. To post a shout out go to my profile...


Posted over 6 years by epicellie

Default girl

If you have friends you have to learn to trust them and trust is a big thing


Posted over 6 years by LeGaL teen__1977336


U dont realize the environment around wen ur wid frendzz

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