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Shadows Blog!!! :)

hey guys!! i just came on t...
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A little about me... <3

I am 13 I was born in Kansa...
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Starting a blog

Aloha planet earth! This is...
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At the store

Just online to post on my b...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


yew its really so horror!

daily post

Posted about 6 years by doodelfruit


hi whats up your here with dodelfruit and this is one off my wicked daily posts so today going bowling im the master then going...


Posted about 6 years by shay-says rawr_2010082

Default guy

A white man said, Colored people are not allowed here. The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: Listen sir....w...

i want to buy that

Posted about 6 years by shay-says rawr_2010082

Default guy

A blonde goes into a nearby store and asks a clerk if she can buy the TV in the corner. The clerk looks at her and says that h...

having the best

Posted about 6 years by pazzyg333_1950047


i have the best bf evaaa i love him with all my heart i know he will always love me you know who you are if your reading this I...

sign on my head

Posted about 6 years by udontknowur...


ok i have to know do i have a sign on my head saying hurt me i dont care or something along those lines. its redicoulous like c...


Posted about 6 years by misschatty105


It’s so easy to play with love, so easy to fool someone, so easy to make someone cry. But it’s so hard if you’re the one who’s ...


Posted about 6 years by marie1348_1982381

Default girl

Boys/guys n eed to look at wats on the inside not the outside


Posted about 6 years by lordofcake01_1976435


I am very bored right now. There is literally nothing to do. My printer isn't hooked up yet, so I can't scan any of my drawings...


Posted about 6 years by marie1348_1982381

Default girl

Im not a boring person its jus its 3;28 a.m. and im the only one up in the world it seems like

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