Posted about 3 years ago by lil mrs bieber
lil mrs bieber
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boys vs girl

Posted about 3 years ago by shannonbaby13
who is stronger you tell me boys are mentally sronger than us i want to know what you think
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Posted about 3 years ago by jessbabe73
i so bored i decide to blog i am so bored. i hate being single ah but then i love it i just confusing lol
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Summer here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Posted about 3 years ago by hotprincesses
Yay! summer here im going to hit the beach
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Posted about 3 years ago by Dead_Man
My mom put me in god damn karate 2 years ago and I kicked so idiot's azz so I got kicked out for abusing my skillz on my teache...
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do u hate class???

Posted about 3 years ago by ke$ha wannabe
ke$ha wannabe
hav u ever bin just wanting to get out of class??? and passing notes to your bff how the teacher has a big mouth , big butt a...
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2012 r we really gonna die????

Posted about 3 years ago by bundle of cuteness
bundle of cuteness
D o yall really think that we'll die 2012, i mean i think its stupid, if you want to give me your opinion, I'd be more than int...
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Modeling Groups

Posted about 3 years ago by DivaKennedy
Their is a new group I made up it is a group for confedent, beautiful and loving girls this will be a fun group and one day in ...
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Tim Tebow

Posted about 3 years ago by Go Florida_1840677
Go Florida_1840677
he bet lsu
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Posted about 3 years ago by Julesrx877
loolypops taste good and they make your mouth any color you ever wanted your mouth! hyper is how i feel because i just had like...
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