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My mom and how she ignores me

She is always fantasizing a...
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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Blog love

Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Less than a week!
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Ch.5- "Katniss why do you have a new ring?" I say as i spy the ring. Dalton and Katniss are both 18 so they are old enough to m...

Default girl

i have a dream that my little childern will not be judged by the colored of there skin

Default girl

i have a dream that alll kids should stay in school. i have a dream today we shall over come someday

My newcoming

Posted about 6 years by jduurj_2002609


Hey guys!!! Please comment my page or chat with me!!!!!


s 2012 the year the chandelier earring makes a triumphant comeback? You remember the dangly look: Big, sparkly, usually pretty ...


What Outfit are you?

You Got Scene...


Posted about 6 years by wariolover127_1908649


Well, girls at school claim my voice sounds like a girl. I said when I hit the puberty, I won't sound as much as a "girl". I ac...


Dang , People Change REAL Quick . First When They Meet You , They All Nice . Then The Next Minute , They Wanna Be Cocky . The O...

The funniest joke .......

Posted about 6 years by unobnoknohono


When some body says they have a house on a lake . they really mean they have a ice house on the lake. The 2nd joke why did the ...

I got a seme!

Posted about 6 years by Jayfeather1999_1660550


I got a seme!!!! I wuvz you Loli! My seme can beat you're seme at anything!except dark and Ke-chan there our allies! :P *hugs*

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