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Annoying pun of the day #4

I'm a big fan of whiteboard...
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The Loud House

I found a super amazingly f...
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I wrote my bio! I hope that...
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do you wanna build a snowman

Do you wanna build a snowma...
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I love KW!! Grin Devil Tong...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by loeydovey4567


friends: friends can be mean sometimes and sometimes they can be super nice like take my friend for example she can get mean so...

Love Sucks

Posted over 6 years by xXxFangxXx_1992830


For all times yew stood by me for all the truth yew made me see for all the joy yew brought to my life for all the wrong yew ma...

Default girl

Ok so theres two guys in my school that like me and im going out with one guy but i like him alot and he always complimens me o...


hello every one idk about u but im tired of being stareotyped as a depressed life hating cutter when thats mostly a steryo typ...


Posted over 6 years by EmoRocks316_2003737


Who here likes Black veil brides and Andysixx I LOVE HIM and im not gay but im emo and proud many ppl think bvb sucks and that ...


Posted over 6 years by islandgirl01


hey people lets talk about homework... I am heading in to middel school and i am goin to have so much homework. i already have ...


Christina is my best friend. She actually cares about me. She makes me happy when I'm sad, we play fight a lot, we share our fo...


this school year is the best of alll


Why the heck was Inez & Shannon fighting over a french fry? Smh , Shannon through the french fry and Inez wanted to eat it....

How my day went.

Posted over 6 years by -Yolo.Swag(:_2002295


Soo , today. I woke up late but I still got to my bus on time. People are so loud & ghetto on my bus. It's annoying. Went t...

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