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# 40

i'm supposed to be revising...
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Fear street books my top 5 favorites

1 the betrayal 2 the best ...
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About me

Well. I'm a dangerous type ...
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Too many friend requests

You guys have been sending ...
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hiii all I have been here f...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Well, I dunno what's accually gonna happen, but wat might happen, is they are gunna put a small cut on my back about 3 inches l...

Today's Post

Posted over 6 years by Nicolethelove_2002898


Why me....? Because You OK but can it be someone else??? NOO U FREAK Why me tht is a simple question.......>>? ...


i'm looking for the right that love me for me and hes always sweet.!hes the type the say he love every time he talks to me and ...


My freakin' yogurt expired 5 days ago!!!!!!!!!! :(


My FU*&%^$ yogurt expired 5 days ago!!!!!!!!!! :(

Leann'sDuct Tape Shop

Posted over 6 years by gpkfreak


Leann's Duct tape shop is awesome it's at my school in room B207. We sell Duct tape wallets. :) :) :) :).

The funniest thing ever

Posted over 6 years by gpkfreak


almost there.......................... We're gonna get there soon....

Kindahh Tru

Posted over 6 years by PweetySummSkinn_1972655


Dnt Hate Miie Cuz iiLucc Bettah Den Yhuu Yhuu Needahh New Face  Yhuu Luxk Lyke Linsey Lohan  iiGot Mre Swaqq Den Yhuu, Ihtt Cum...


Hey people hey no affence people but really why are you going to be that stupid and actually date online you never know that pe...

my friend

Posted over 6 years by greeneye


today at lunch time in class , my friend took up some else lunch bag , an eat the lunch .

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