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wars,fights and such

Posted almost 6 years ago by midnight56_1995730
why do people fight? i dont see the point in fighting or wars. wars hurt and scar people and there families for.....ever. mostl...
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The Summertrain Circle

Posted almost 6 years ago by my-name-is-Rei_1986309
I was bored so I decided to try my hand at this... Lets see how this goes. I named the state Panem as a tribute to the trilogy ...
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Those Skyrim Jokes? Yes.

Posted almost 6 years ago by PsychoClix
This is not real. -Riding the bus back home from school- Random guy: Hey. Me: Yes? Random guy:I used to be ugly like you -Bus ...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by kmarie22
school came back last week. Borin. not really for some odd reason i like school its funny fun nd interesting
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Posted almost 6 years ago by MemeDavis
uqh im so bored quess ill qo chat but anywho im new here so send me a friend request so ican qet used to this website . bye ill...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by thunder liz
thunder liz
Ok so i sorta got baned from the chat room and im pizzed of cause i dident say anything bad i said fick thats not a bad word w...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by iwanna123
blah blah the end
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I hate myself.

Posted almost 6 years ago by nevergoneneedmore_1995511
I hate life.
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Have a Friendship Date

Posted almost 6 years ago by cuteboytredaboss
When you've got a busy life and do not have as much time to spend with your friends as you would like, opt for a friendship dat...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by rascal126
e verey one dont just ingnor this together we can have3 day weekends.
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