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Hello, I collect antiques w...
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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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It's Boring, So Skip This Blog

I was reading the Four Hour...
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emo in the eyes of a parent vs kid

so in the blog i wanna talk...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

The Hunter’s Aim

Posted over 6 years by shalu_1824257


The hunter walks out in the bush alone, His wife and children are hungry at home. With arrow and bow he must try his luck, A...


How beautiful the world is, How blue the sky above, How green the grass in the morning dew, How musical the dove. Eyes t...

The Little Brown Bulb

Posted over 6 years by shalu_1824257


The little brown bulb lies quiet and warm, Sheltered from wind and sheltered from storm. “Awake, Little Bulb,” call the rain...


Posted over 6 years by jdbrock


Huh - Kidzworld won't let me tell you about the fitness test planned by the cadets. Lets just say it is really tough.


*a boy was being banished from his planet long story*

Default girl

So,I'm At My Birthday Party With My Some Of My Closest Friends(Hotel Party).Me And My Friend,Kenya,Are Waiting In Line To Get O...


Today our teacher cursed us out. She curse us out like crazy,but I was laughing lol. The funny thing is she is super nice, but ...

MCR respect :)

Posted over 6 years by Kaycieee_1937593


I don't think anyone understands how much respect i have for the band My Chemical Romance. This band makes me feel different, l...

Video games

Posted over 6 years by shadowknight247


alrite if yhu wanna be some good buddies yhu gotta learn what i like. 1. video games all of em god of war gears of war mw3 eve...

A life lesson

Posted over 6 years by llollypop

Default girl

Stay in school say no to drugs and YES 2 TACOS

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