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What the point??

Posted about 4 years ago by mindless_mama
what is the point 4 our parents to tell us to do homework if they know we not going to even do it. what is the point for our pa...
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About me

Posted about 4 years ago by Outsider
I'm kind of the shy girl at school but around my friends they cant get me to shut up. My Parents got divorced when I was in 3rd...
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a poem when i wad 2 protctive

Posted about 4 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
I don't want u buy me everything I'm Miss.Indpedent Everything I hve best belive I bought it I just want 2 know u care Otherwi...
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movies should be based on the book. ifyou hate books dont read.

Posted about 4 years ago by Bad Boy Bandicoot
Bad Boy Bandicoot
movies should be more like the the books and i have good reasons why first off people hate it when movies are not like the boo...
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Posted about 4 years ago by dabstdiva_1824598
If you were to have to leave school and bring a friend,who would it be? Be creative. There are no right or wrong answers!!!
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i am so depressed....

Posted about 4 years ago by darkness66
the love that burdens my soul the desire to end what has came to be...my life is a living beacon for misery , but i stand ready...
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Posted about 4 years ago by Mckenna922
does anyone like my blogs???please tell me wat u think.thx!!
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A konldike

Posted about 4 years ago by mozly jennifer
mozly jennifer
What would you dooo for a konldike Bar :adoo doo.
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don't do this

Posted about 4 years ago by aelis-awesome-girl
aelis-awesome-girl1 is the same person as i am and i just wanted to say that there is 2 much drama going in my school first i k...
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Posted about 4 years ago by Mckenna922
who likes playing pranks on people???????i do.i love pranking people. it is sooooooo fun!!i like people who prank people.sooo i...
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