my ipodtouch

Posted almost 4 years ago by hey its lexi
hey its lexi
so yesterday my lil cuz drooped my ipod touch on the floor face down and the black part is craked can apple fix it
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How the world works for me?

Posted almost 4 years ago by Awesome35
I dream I wish I live and breath but nothing I want is next to Me but you can say it's never possible that nobody cares Abou...
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im so mean :P

Posted almost 4 years ago by coltsfan#18
me and my sis were playing catch with my cuzin litteraly throwing him 2 eachother in the pool yesterday it waz soooooooooooo fun
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My newest Group

Posted almost 4 years ago by cr2diva101
Now, the newest group I made is about Kitten Abuse, and Im TOTALLY againest it, I want ALL kittens to be cuddled with care, but...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by bella1233
School is so boring i don't know why they invented it. Here's something my sister starts school August 9th that's way to early
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trying to get alot of friends but kidzworld is fun

Posted almost 4 years ago by chillboy
i almost go 1000 friends still got alot to go [= [=
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Posted almost 4 years ago by smilesapphire26
Hiya I am going on holiday to Cyprus in like 2 days LOL Feel soz 4 u
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Posted almost 4 years ago by La2yla4eva
music has meaning to it and the singer has a feeling when writing the song and ya i love music
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hard 16 hours in ramadan for 30 days

Posted almost 4 years ago by underworld angel
underworld angel
life in ramadan is so hard you have to stop eating and drinking anything from 4:00am to 8:00 pm after this while your allowed t...
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nun yo biz

Posted almost 4 years ago by shriend163
JK so me and my twin r trying to make up nicknames 4 each other and we cant think of anything soooooo if u hav any ideas plz po...
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