love all my haterz

Posted over 3 years ago by mz.cutie12
some of these girls be hatin on me nd i just love it so haterz keep hatin because u keep me goin nd like my bio say love all my...
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Why is my friend sending mixed signals?(He's a boy)

Posted over 3 years ago by TStrawberri12345
We were talking earlier today over the phone.We weren't talking about much.But yesterday we talked for a long time.I like him,b...
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Posted over 3 years ago by shriend163
k so just got done swimming and ive been all day.....lets get 2 the point i got burned soooo bad i put on water proof sunscreen...
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summer camps

Posted over 3 years ago by camrose2000
i love summer camps that do a little bit of everything, like swimming, hiking, storytelling, i guess i just love summer camps t...
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Movies and TV shows

Posted over 3 years ago by camrose2000
I love the movie Sixteen Candles from the 80's. I also like the movie rat race. One of my favorite tv shows is iCarly, but its ...
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me nd ???

Posted over 3 years ago by m0n3yj0k3r14
aite listen im lookin 4 a girl im not desparate im cocky sooooo if u sexy hit me up
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school and stuff

Posted over 3 years ago by face the music 55
face the music 55
ive been listening to greyson chance check him out he is awesome. my yard is almost totally done and the swings are awesome. my...
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Idiotic People

Posted over 3 years ago by DecemberBabe12
Omg! Idiotic people get on my nerves. Don't you wish people would just except the truth and let it be. The people on the board ...
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To Hugebear:

Posted over 3 years ago by raymi100
Hugebear: Hugebear is the way to go, don't you know that on my first day of joining Hugebear immediately became my frien...
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Posted over 3 years ago by fob12
Okay, I just want to help make life easier for teens that are lesbian,gay,bisexual,or transgendered. You can go on trevorspace,...
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