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"Natures first green is gol...
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i start to like some one help me

can some one help to tell m...
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hey guys! today is my lille...
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4/25/2018 what im doing today

I woke up and went to the b...
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Being Mixed

This is what people ask me ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


This girl told me to not put on so much makeup because I lose my natural beauty. To begin with.. I didn't have much natural bea...


seriously,this is something to really ponder upon. some of us are really rich, they have so much money that they just can't kee...

Should've Kissed You

Posted over 6 years by softballchick27


My World Revolves Around You, Every Breath I Have Is From You, I Missed You And Here You Are, In My Arms Amazingly Wrapped Then...


Posted over 6 years by shorty1122_1928643


i rlly miss my dog gizmo hes funny hes a black funny dog with big ear like a bat when he scraches ppl say he looks like a bat c...

my home.♥

Posted over 6 years by dragon179_1375359


the incredibles, inspector gadget, the jungle book two, kim possible (a sitch in time), krunks new groove, lady and the...

Destiny Bestiee , !

Posted over 6 years by -YoungNesha-_1552925


Destiny Bestiee - Ahaa ; I Can Writee A Fuull Storyy About Ourr Friendsshipp ; But I'm Goinqq To Keep It Short ; Or Try ; Soo ...

about me

Posted over 6 years by shorty1122_1928643


hey every one im brittany im 15 im in 9th grade un single might be in a relationship not sure i have brown eyes black hair i go...

My First Blog

Posted over 6 years by Yeliak_1498556


So this is my first time ever posting a blog..... I don't really have anything special to say. I think I'm going to the Science...


Posted over 6 years by Dj World_1806528


If anyone wants to be my friend in Roblox my name is WorldWar23 no spaces at all so add meh if you have roblox!

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