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Do people actually read the...
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My life as a big sister

Hey everyone Lila here! I a...
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Story of my life...

When i was born, i had a he...
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I like all the animals in t...
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hi guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg u...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Being a Friend!

Posted over 6 years by fireball033

Default girl

Do you have a lot of friends? Well, If you do then I have another question...... Are you a TRUE friend to the people that you a...

my bro daniel

Posted over 6 years by goofy102


My 8 year old brother Daniel has brain cancer .he has started chemo and is really sick

school lunches

Posted over 6 years by batzy_1949666


i hate school lunches


Posted over 6 years by 123anime~freak321


It is fun! I roleplay all the time. Want to roleplay with me? Ask! I will make a private, orr open, RP with any one. Just ask m...


You're a Princess! Your style is totally royal, so you should go for a big, pouffy ballgown with tons of bling! Princesses love...


I am listening to: Fiction by B2st/Beast. I love this song soo muchh :) Love,...


Posted over 6 years by cutie7


I LOVE SMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such A Werid Day

Posted over 6 years by PrincessTiana1215


I watched noemo and juliet today And I cryed I hate when couples argue Don't arguements suck?!


Posted over 6 years by piper522_1878881


do you like eagles or steelers bet me i like the steelers better comment and i will get back to you


Posted over 6 years by lka


we all differentiate as individuals, I don't believe that anyone can be like another..well, he can try..but the truth of the ...

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