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Posted about 6 years ago by muy rica
muy rica
its true we have haterz everywhere we go i luv the song cause it's cool and it's true.....................:)
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about me

Posted about 6 years ago by lilmone124_1829347
i luv skool it is very fun bt i dnt lik fake people and messy people and expecully ebony bt i luv my sis and nha im mad haha lo...
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mva mtv awards......

Posted about 6 years ago by MIZZ.ATTITUDE_1865648
omg mtv award was something else lol to much lmapoo
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Posted about 6 years ago by malmal1988
Why do you guys kiss so much!! It's stupid!! It's just lips touching!! GOSH!! lol :D>
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Posted about 6 years ago by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzsuga
Dear Angie i have just wrote this for you,i love you my bff i care abt you and i also wish you would come to visit me and i wou...
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to many question!

Posted about 6 years ago by SMELLIT!_1810501
i dnt understand! stop tellin me to du stuff! why yhu ask! i haff tu fuskin PEE!!!
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Posted about 6 years ago by hutchclaw200
starting school soon. cant wait to see all my friends. during school i might not be on but i guess its not that big of a deal. ...
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Stupid people make my day

Posted about 6 years ago by CHEESEHEADnumber7
My blog, my life. I find my life is incredibly weird and hilarious, and this blog is just to talk about my life, or to make...
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Pick who u hate the most

Posted about 6 years ago by islandgurl2020
Wat up people my name is kyla and i will like to tell you that i will let you decied who you guys hate the most well i hate jus...
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Just Us Kidz

Posted about 6 years ago by Katara1014
Every1 hoo luvs 2 dance and sing, cum join and b my frend. i no its a blog and not a groop, but u no, every1 needs a litl happy...
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