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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Less than a week!
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Hello, possible readers! It...
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Monster high

Posted over 6 years by Persefinie

Default girl

ok i was so bored so i mad ethis How many of you adore monster high! i am one of em! i love monster high ( see profile) i have ...


Posted over 6 years by Persefinie

Default girl

I am so hungry why dont i just go buy cake yes buy cake cake is so good i love frosting

General Life

Posted over 6 years by this chick_1894805


Okay, So I was wondering about something and I want your opinions. How can you as a person overcome discrimination in your comm...

Terrible Events: 9/11

Posted over 6 years by XxpinkloverxX


I remember the tragic and sad day that was, 9/11. More than 2,000 people died in this event. And today is the 10th Anniversary....


Posted over 6 years by I_lUv_PrInC3tOn143_1639861

Default girl

To all those out on KW who lost family in the attacks on 9/11 I hope that you are okay. I hope that you have been able to deal ...

my haters make me famous

Posted over 6 years by Deja0824


my name is ladeja and i go to hazlehust school and they have a lot of haters so yall know they hate on me

Default guy

He came from nowhere, and everywhere. He was created by nothing, and all. He was nothing more, then ''Him''. ''Him'' was the on...

Default girl

Today is the anniversary of the terrorist attack on New York and washington. Many were killed or wounded that day. But also man...


Posted over 6 years by cheesecakeluva23$$


Dear Imaginary Thingy I am Aparently writing about, I am so hungry.I want some cake.No cake in da house.Mom whats your problem...


Posted over 6 years by cheesecakeluva23$$


So, my parents and other adults in my life know about this historical event in america's history....BUT I DONT!!!!! I was almos...

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