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He promised he’d keep it on a tight leash, but his colleagues should have known better. As he walked out of the lab, grinning, he held his creation by the neck, pulling out the stubborn creature. “ Ha!” The scientist exclaimed. No one understood why he’d be so proud of this terrifying creation. He used it not for its own sake; but for his own. Not only did it earn him glory;, it made him hate. He was famous for his overall unlikeability. After the monster had escaped from its creator’s hands, it escaped to New Zealand. One reporter suggested that Jonah treated it better because if it escaped, it would be hostile due to its bad experience with humans. He was right. The first time someone had a sighting, they took a picture. It was climbing a billowing tree at the front of a cornfield. As soon as it saw the person, it chased after him; its legs were trembling at every step. “STOP!” A policeman yelled as the witness was running into traffic. But the creature had stopped, but he kept running. “What’re you doing, running around here?” The man ignored the question and moved into a small cabin. Then, the policeman noticed the rus######## ##e bushes, next to the field from the man came. “Hey! Who’s there?” He investigated, trudging in the bushes. “WHAT IN THE--!?”  To see what happens next, tune into my profile forum activity!  :punk
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"unicornsrule626" wrote: I'm board and i want to recreate my list XD It's grown sooo much since last time XD (Once again, this will not be in order XD) 1: Max and Harvey Mills. Ooo and Tilly Mills! 2: Shawn Mendes 3: Shannon Messenger 4:Thomas Sanders 5: Liza Koshy 6: Amelia Gething 7: Percy Jackson! And everyone from PJO, HoO, Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase 8: Meghan McCarthy 9: @AnnaOfExquizurd   10: @Zyro   11: @SnowflakeAngelKitten   12: @Mermaid_Author14   13: @ILoveEmojis7   XDDDD 14: @SmartSunnyShadow   15: @Abbergrl   16: ALL THE REST OF MY KW FRIENDS! WAAAY TO MANY TO LIST! 17: Everyone from The Librarians (The show. And i mean the characters, not the cast XD)  18: I know there's more, but that's it for now!  Yes! I want to meet you too. XD Rick Riordan is amazing!
reply 34 minutes
"Shadeleaf" wrote: (Aww thanks....) @H3LLSCRIVVER (Supper amazing  rolepayer and adorable pyschopath) @Tord_ Trash (My roleplay buddy who enoys BATIM as much as I do) @SnowflakeAngelKitten   @Hamstergod   @Tomboy_   All of the people I roleplay with that I didn't mention All of the BATIM characters (Mainly Sammy Lawrence) Yes! We role-played a lot together in the same RP. I had so much Yu-gi-oh stuff going on. XD
reply 36 minutes
"Mermaid_Author14" wrote: I have so many, but I can't think of them all... Okay, here we go!   @SnowflakeAngelKitten @unicornsrule626 @ILoveEmojis7 @SmartSunnyShadow @AnnaOfExquizurd @Abbergrl All of my KW friends  Harvey Mills (Yeah, sure... Max can tag along) Mitchell Merlin from Welcome to the family! More to be added... Yes! Thank you! And oh my goodness Harvey and Mitchell! They are amazing!
reply 41 minutes
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