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alright, but I've heard and seen so many things at age eleven you don't even know.
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"AgentC308" wrote:I don't think I want to know, but I'm still going to ask.(No..keep your childhood I oearbed this stuff at the age of 8 and silt ill ###### over it)
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AgentC308 posted in Say Anything:
Agednyy Cw2qopiu
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xSangmi1 posted in Food:
An unhealthy food that I love 
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A friend you met in a chat room wants to meet up and go to the mall. You:
  • Tell them you're sorry but you can't meet them in person since you don't know them
  • Say yes and then double-check with your parents that it's OK
  • Say yes as long as you can bring your BFF along
  • Say yes and head out the door to meet them