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jenif3 posted in Say Anything:
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Alucard stood up "Ooooh nothing.. I just heard you've awakened fully and I just HAD to get a good look at you.." He walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders."I'm soo glad I found you! I thought I saw you fly out of that place you were at, but that was just some blonde skunk bag!" He said while rubbing the bruise on his cheek."mmmm!" He said while feeling her hair "What a nice hair cut.. Say, where were you off to anyway?"
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You should should smile more. 
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GreenTea posted in Debating:
"PerksBeingABookworm" wrote: In my opinion, cursing in general is pretty tasteless. It's not exactly a behavior to admire.  ^^ This, right here, is on the money. Interesting discussion. The answer to the query is ultimately decided by one's personal moral standards, otherwise there is no absolute guideline for when it is acceptable for a young individual to use profane language. Also, depending on how one was raised, some terms others find derogatory, might seem like every day language to the other. If you were raised on a farm, it might seem normal to use slang words referring to dung in any typical conversation. Not always the case but it's an example. Now, if you were born in the UK, a certain term might seem offensive to you, but to the majority of Americans, it's just a silly word. So what counts as profanity is determined by region and dialect, many times. So, if I color my speech with this foreign word in America, where no one thinks I'm cursing, am I really cursing? My British neighbors would certainly think so. Finally, since we cannot set the moral standard, it is only a matter of opinion. Personally, I find it shows a lack of thoughtfulness, lack of self control, when overused in comedy a lack of genuine humor, and I generally don't feel I wish to associate with people who fancy that sort of sailor talk. It's unprofessional and off putting. Anyway, interesting discussion.
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