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ActuallySuperM posted in Random:
reply 13 minutes
Kirsteeeeen posted in Random:
I've just been working all summer.
reply 14 minutes
BlueByrd posted in Random:
Hello guys Blue Byrd here! I want to talk about Summer vacation,whether your in school now or on summer vacation.  Anyway what are some of you doing for summer vacation? I have been swimming and hanging with family at cookouts. Now maybe some of you like to be indoors and watch TV or play video games, well i am going to give you some ideas for activities you can do or play! One game is tick tac toe but in an entirly different way! Now i have seen at the stores like Walmart spray-able chalk! i have not done it yet but it sound like a lot of FUN!  With it you can make a bike course, a  football field and you can just draw. Another game actually involes being in a pool or some sort of water source. Now what you do is pick a topic whether it be fruit food or clothing. wants you pick a topic think of your word from that topic, then have someone go first and try to say it under water! Then everyone tries  to guess what there trying to say. Does anyone else have a summer game that i didnt list? if so comment down below! Please try some of these and tell me how it goes! Blue Byrd is out!
reply 29 minutes
YuXen posted in Food:
Chocolate Vanilla  :)
reply about 2 hours
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