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Advertise To Kids

Don't Let Your Brand Get Lost On An Over-Saturated Site.

Kidzworld is a long established safe and secure kids website. Kidzworld stays connected with its users by keeping the advertising on the site limited to niche products, offers and services that may be of interest to them. As a result, Kidzworld kids are highly receptive to the products and services presented to them.

As a website for kids, Kidzworld does not simply sell banners - we sell fully integrated solutions. Our typical client campaigns' include IAB units, sponsorships, rich media, custom activities (flash games and quizzes), sweepstakes, and editorial. Adding any one or any combination of section sponsorships, content integration, product placements within games, pre-roll video, and/or roadblocks/takeovers will enhance the Ad Bundle.

Advertising Options are as Follows:

  • Sweepstakes & Promotions
  • Custom Branded Games & Quizzes
  • Section/Article Branding and Sponsorship
  • Roadblocks/Takeovers
  • Rich Media - Floaters, Expandables, Interstitials etc
  • Micro Sites
  • Featured Editorial
  • Survey - Research and Trend Gathering
  • IAB Units: Super Banners, Large Rectangles, Skyscrapers and Buttons

For more information please contact founder, Jordan Achilles at Jordan@kidzworld.com TotallyKidz is part of TotallyHer Media, a division of Evolve Media.