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R. I. P. chapter 2

Posted about over 5 years by i live for anime!!!

" My name is Yanomami by the way but you can call me Yano! " The girl says as we walk into the school. " Alright.... Yano. " I answer. Yano smiles and I want to smile back but I don't find the happiness to do so. " You don't really express yourself in the face do you?! " I blush and look down at my shoes. " I can't find the happiness I my heart to do so. " Yano looks at me. " At least you blush a little! " She says an blinks me. I can see laughter in her blue eyes. When I look into her eyes I can see my reflection. I'm a girl with black hair, hazelnut brown eyes and only dressed in black with a little stark red. Yano stops and I do so to. " We are here, this is our uhm...." She takes a little paus to think. " Let's just call it a classroom!" I look at her. " Who is 'our'?" I ask as she opens the door. " This is our! " She opens the door so I can see inside. Six people are in the room, a girl with a short red hair playing a guitar, a boy that looks just like her ( I suspect they are twins ), another boy with black like me, two other girls hanging around in the corner and a boy.... I feel like I know him from somewhere... He has black hair like me but his eyes are green. He looks at the door when me and Yano walk in. Everyone looks at me and Yano. No, everyone is looking at me. The boy with the same hair color as me comes walking to us. He gets close to me. He looks me in the eyes and hugs me.

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