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The Abandoned House

Posted about over 5 years by Pandasparkle123

There was once and still there, an abandoned house. People would never go near the house or go in the yard. Suddenly there were three girls walking by the abandoned house and they were playing truth or dare.
"Ok Grace it's your turn to pick truth or dare," Samantha said.
"Wait stop and back up girls," Samantha said.
So all of the girls backed up and turned to look at the abandoned house nervously thinking Samantha would dare them to go in the house.

"Do not dare us to go in that house Sam," Victoria said. Samantha just grinned and kept on staring up and down the house.
" You and Grace are just chickens to go in the house if I dared you two. Grace get's a mad look on her face and stands up for Victoria and her self.
" We're not chickens and we're not afraid of going into the house,"
" Yes we are," Victoria said nervously.
" No we're not" Grace said
" Fine," Victoria whispered in Grace's ear.
" Yep that's right we are not scared, and we're going into that house!" Victoria said. Samantha is just standing there with her arms folded and grinning.
"Ok since you two aren't afraid of anything then I dare you two to go in that house and not to come out till I say you can come out," Samantha said while shanking their hands because of the dare she told them. Grace opens the gate and walks slowly in the yard of the abandoned house while Victoria follows her.
A few hours past while they were in the house. Samantha got really scared and thought they weren't coming out of the house ever. So Samantha pushed open the gate and walked slowing up the yard to the crooked door.
"Hello, Grace, Victoria are you in here?" Samantha felt a wind woosh past her very fast and then that's when she got really scared.
"He He He," giggled a soft little voice.
"Ok who ever is doing this better stop and your not making me scared,"
" Really we're not making you scared to sad to bad," an anonymous voice said.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Samantha screamed and woosed out the house and tripped on the grass and started crying. Two ghost figures started coming out of the house. Samantha wants to move but she is too scared to do anything.
Please do not hurt me I'm too fragile please just don't hurt me," Samantha said while crying.
" Ha Ha Ha," said one of the ghost figures.
" Ha Ha Ha," said the other ghost figure. Suddenly the two ghost figures started to pull the white blanket off of them.
"omg you two are the worst," Samantha said while Grace and Victoria help Samantha get up.
"And you call us the chickens," Grace said while laughing. So all of the girls started walking back to the sidewalk but Victoria left the door wide open.
" And don't ever come back!" a ghost figure said and slammed the door.
Um grace did you just slam that door?" Victoria asked nervously.
No i was walking next to you two the whole time,"
"Ok let's run," Samantha said.

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